Hi beauty!

The holidays are over! Perhaps the holidays have left you feeling bloated and having more digestive distress than usual. This is quite normal and of course that is probably the reason that January is the time for a renewed commitment to health and feeling your best.

Like I said before indulge as you feel necessary but also think about how you will feel! Regardless of your reasons for indulging check out my 3 teas for helping with digestive issues. While these teas are amazing if you have ongoing digestive issues you may need to look more closely at your lifestyle and way of eating 🙂

Check out the video below for my teas!

Teas Mentioned

  1. Organic Peppermint Tea.
  2. Ayurvedic Digestive Tea. Recipe here https://lallnutrition.com/november-2016-holistic-favourites/
  3. Ginger and Cayenne Tea. Steep 1 inch grated ginger in hot water. Strain and add in a pinch of organic cayenne.

If you are feeling bloated or uncomfortable after a meal please try one of these teas and let me know how you feel! If you have any questions please leave a COMMENT and please SHARE with those that would benefit from reducing their bloating.

To better digestion,


Holistic Nutritionist.