Hello love,

I wanted to talk about the two key things that you need in order to resolve your emotional eating. 

These two key things are commitment and consistency. I see time and time again, the women that succeed in resolving their emotional eating have these two things in place. The ones that can’t seem to resolve their emotional eating lack this.

These keys are needed in order to be successful at having sustainable change.

The first thing that you need in order to start your journey to resolving your emotional eating is commitment.

My story with commitment

I’ll share a little bit about my own story. When I was on this journey to resolving my emotional eating, at first I didn’t even know I was an emotional eater.

I thought I *just* needed to control food and my body. I felt so out of control. So I committed to resolving whatever was going on for me because I saw it was possible. I saw women who had what I desired. They were so comfortable around food, they seemed so at ease in their body, they looked healthy and they were confident. I wanted that too.

I knew that if they had that I could somehow learn to be like that too. I felt it was possible. I had no clue how, but I was committed.

There’s something inside of women who are ambitious, they have this commitment and it guides them. This was the same thing for me. The desire to resolve my emotional eating kept pulling me forward. It didn’t matter how many setbacks or roadblocks or failed attempts I had, I was just pulled forward. 

And looking back it’s something we need to have. We need to have this commitment to seeing our vision through. To knowing it’s possible or at least trust it’s possible.

Once you know you’re committed on that journey, you know there will be doubts and fears. But you’re committed and that initial commitment gets you to the first step. 

Keep Committing and the Next Step Appears

I kept taking steps in my journey and I could feel when the right steps came along. That started creating the consistency that I needed. Because now I had that feedback loop from my body that this is working. I could feel a difference. I felt at ease in my body and I just knew I was on track. That kept me motivated.

If you desire something; you want to feel at ease in your body, you want to feel at peace around food, you want to feel confidence, you don’t want to be emotionally eating.

It is possible to have all of that.

I’ve done it myself and sustained it for over a decade. I’ve seen clients do it. There are countless women who have done this. So it is so possible for you too.

BUT it’s up to you to believe that reality, to see yourself in the examples and testimonials that it’s possible for you. 

What’s in the way of commitment?

What’s in the way of your commitment is all of your fears, doubts and evidence of things you’ve tried and failed telling you it’s not possible. Be committed to your vision and your desire, because it exists for you. 

The steps to getting there, well, that has to play out. So if you see that others have done it a certain way, that’s the path forward.

That’s the way that you’re going to get there. So for me, I had to create this path for myself step by step. I tried a lot of different things like the diets, the personal trainer, therapy, nutritionist, chiropractor and even moving to another country! Even though I failed at resolving my emotional eating countless times, I could tell intuitively that something was missing. I wasn’t going as deep as I needed to go.

I’m always trying to dig deeper, get to the deeper levels and layers, because we’re not only what we see on the surface. We’re not just, I do A, then I get B. We are multilayered. And emotional eating is a multilayered pattern.

The 2 Keys Needed

I followed that internal knowing and this became the method in The Emotional Eating Evolution Program. I wasn’t aware of it at the time. Looking back, I looked at all the steps I took, the feelings I went through and the internal motivation. I looked at what I did to succeed because everything out there was surface level. Even the things that felt like they were going a bit deeper (like therapy) weren’t going as deep as I needed to create the change I wanted.

I saw how, when all of the pieces came together, this pattern started to resolve itself. But the two main things that I had were that I was committed to my vision and consistent with the steps I was finding.


In The Emotional Eating Evolution Program we resolve your emotional eating step by step, through 3 key phases. True Nourishment, Body Acceptance and Emotional Wellness and we dive deep. 

Once you commit to the program it takes over. So whatever doubts, fears, or limiting beliefs that come up, we work with that throughout the program. This helps you remain consistent so that you can keep moving forward without the self sabotage. That will give you that momentum forward so that this new way becomes more normalized, it becomes more effortless.

The more comfortable you get with the new way, the less fears and doubts you’ll have because you’ll see it working. You’ll have that internal motivation to keep moving forward. 

The first step though is to commit to a process. For example, The Emotional Eating Evolution Program.

Commit from Expansion and Notice Fear

If a process is a “yes” for you, that’s where you want to make your commitment from because there’s also going to be a part of you that’s going to try to protect you and keep you safe. The way it’s going to do that is put a lot of fear and doubt in your mind. It might sound like it’s not the right time, you can’t afford it, maybe there’s something better or I can do this myself and all of these things will come up. 

But you have to listen to that bigger voice inside of you. Yes, look at if there are some practicalities you need to look at.

There’ll always be some fear and doubt, but you want to feel mostly expanded and excited.

Within any good program, you’re going to be able to resolve fears or doubts that keep you from having that consistency.

If The Emotional Eating Evolution Program is resonating for you take the next step to commit by booking in an Emotional Eating Clarity Call. If we are a fit and you do commit to the program, the program takes over to help you create consistency. The how and the steps are laid out inside of the program along with coaching, accountability, and trauma informed somatic mediations to help you move through your resistance, doubts and fear to resolve your emotional eating from the root.

To being on the right track,


Certified Holistic Nutritionist Specializing in Emotional Eating