Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a healthy, relaxing and fun long weekend (all the Canadians anyways!). I spent my long weekend in the city (Toronto) running around town, soaking in the sun and generally trying to relax as much as I could.

I thought it would be fun to share some of my healthy tips and tricks that you could easily incorporate into your lives. These tips are super easy. I may be a health nut and nutrition nerd but we can all benefit from these.

1. Have a green juice. I picked this one up from Fresh as an afternoon snack. Fresh juices are full of enzymes, chlorophyll and antioxidants and give you an energy boost. So ditch the afternoon iced cap in favor of this.

2. Green juice isn’t your thing? No worries, try a plain matcha tea from David’s tea. It has some caffeine but is full of chlorophyll and antioxidants. I rarely have this but it is a great treat. If available, add some almond milk and honey for a great alternative to the Starbucks matcha latte that is full of sugar!

3. More liquid options. Try a peppermint tea from David’s tea or any other single ingredient tea. Their tea blends tend to have natural flavoring which I stay away from as the flavor could be lab derived!

4.Kombucha! This fermented beverage contains lots of probiotics and is great for gut health 🙂

5 & 6. Eat out at restaurants that offer lots of vegetables and are organic like Live Organic Food Bar.

7 & 8. Eat lots of salads at home, add sprouts and a fancy dressing to make them interesting and flavourful (try a raw vegan nacho dressing…mmm)! I love home made food. Like my grandmother used to say home food is the healthiest!

9. Soak your nuts (and dehydrate them too, if you’re so inclined). This removes phytates and makes these nutrient dense foods easier to digest.

10. Indulge. I love these raw macaroons from Rawlicious. They are made of cashews, maple syrup and coconut and taste like heaven. If you don’t have a Rawlicious nearby (sorry!) try my recipe, it’s next level 🙂

11. Go outside and plant your feet on some grass and enjoy nature. Take your work or something to read with you. Bike there if you can too. I love High Park and it loves me too.

12. Go to a concert and listen to the music, wait, get lost in it and mesmerized like I did. Colin Stetson is a musical genius creating music in layers and layers with only a saxophone and circular breathing…crazy!

13. Check out some new healthy hot spots in the city. Ezra’s Pound and Live have teamed up and created a cute café in Liberty Village.

14. ‘Love thy Farmer’ , what can I say I’m drawn to all things food. Find your foodie havens and hotspots that inspire you, this was at West Elm in Liberty Village.

15. Eavesdrop onto someone else’s healthy habits. I snapped this pic from a health magazine. This workout is done by a mom who lost a massive amount of weight. If she can get to the gym and be active so can you!

So many things to do, what are you waiting for? Pick a few and get started or continue on your health journey!



Holistic Nutritionist.