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“I’ve tired every fad diet out there and just don’t have the will power to keep lasting results. I want to feel in control of food again and comfortable in my body – but I don’t know how without deprivation and restriction.”

If none of the countless diets you’ve tired has worked for you, it’s  a flaw in the method and not you.

Diets rely heavily on willpower which is fleeting.

Sustainable change needs to come from getting to the root cause of your emotional eating and connecting you back to your body with strategies around nutrition and lifestyle.

It’s not about fixing you but reconnecting you back to your true self.

Every diet has promise of looking and feeling good that soon comes to an end. You feel like if you could FINALLY weigh a certain weight and look a certain way you could be ok. You would then allow yourself to have the life of your dreams. One day seems so far out of reach.

You feel deprived, restricted and fearful around food. Your mind is consumed with thoughts of what to eat next and constant hunger. Do you even know when you are truly hungry?

You emotionally eat and have binge episodes which are getting in the way of you losing the weight you want or feeling the way you want. The health of your body and digestion are beginning to suffer. Each cycle makes you feel worse about yourself. You don’t know what to do and feel so out of control.

You are fed up of letting food control you and chasing the ‘ideal’ body – not really knowing what that is anymore. You are sick of counting calories on your plate and at the gym. Eating portions don’t fill you up creates more intense cries for more food. You just want to feel good and not worry about your next meal so that you can focus on your dreams and goals.


I get it! Really I do.

I was that woman and it was such a frustrating and dark time in my life. I remember coming to my knees and just saying – I want to be healthy, not thin or even beautiful.

“I just want the noise to stop. I want something that works. I cannot keep depriving myself and this self criticism is crippling.”

I am assuming if you are reading this that you are ready to change, to transform the way you have been living.

What if food no longer controlled you and you could effortlessly know what your body needed and were able to discern healthy cravings from phantom hunger? What would that mean?

What if you could get to the root cause of your emotional eating and self-criticism. What if you easily lost excess weight, your skin started to glow and you had more energy than you ever had and you just felt great from the inside out?

This is possible! I know it is possible, I’ve seen it happen many times. I did this for myself.

What if you could:


  • feel free around food and at ease in your body
  • tell when you were truly hungry and stop binges and emotional eating in their tracks
  • get to the root cause of your emotional eating
  • maintain your health goals consistently
  • eat in a way that was delicious, nourishing and nutrient dense AND lose weight
  • ditch calorie counting and portion control and eat until you were satisfied
  • lose weight effortlessly without hunger or deprivation
  • get glowing healthy skin and shiny hair without makeup, prescriptions or expensive products
  • feel good from the inside out


Imagine this:

You are able to wake up each day knowing when to eat and how to nourish your body. Your head is not longer filled with fear and anxiety around food or how to start your morning. You get ready more quickly because you have an inner glow and need less makeup and time to get ready.

Meals are no longer a stressful thing and you don’t obsessively think about what to eat next or need to restrict yourself around food.

Food has become so intuitive, easy and effortless. Instead you can think about your goals for the day and what you would like to accomplish.

You feel full and satisfied after a meal. It tastes delicious and you feel so good knowing you nourished every cell in your body. You also start having an inner radiance; your skin is glowing and you just feel so good. You have mental clarity and focus to pursue your dreams.

If this sounds like something you want to achieve I can help you.

Options include working privately 1:1 or in a community setting for 12 weeks.

The Emotional Eating Evolution Signature Program

For ambitious women who want to ditch dieting + emotional eating and finally feel confident around food and in their body.


  • Getting to the root cause of your emotional eating issues (nutritional, emotional, physical, environmental)
  • An individualized health plan that is sustainable and in line with your health goals (gain control over emotional eating, weight loss, acne, digestive issues, etc.)
  • Strategic and intuitive daily meal plans (about a week of meal planning and recipes as needed)
  • Removing blocks to move you through resistance especially in emotional eating
  • Education about proper meal preparations + therapeutic foods for your specific health needs
  • Empowering nutritional and lifestyle strategies to regain your health and vibrancy
  • Learn how to nourish yourself
  • Learn how to create true beauty & health from the inside out
  • Learn how to accept your body and move forward with your health and body goals
  • Learn how to get in touch with true hunger
  • Learn how to feel in control around food
  • Learn how to manage emotional eating
  • Learn how to indulge in a healthy way

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I’m so glad that I decided to work with Michelle.  I originally just wanted to make some simple dietary changes to feel more energetic during the day but what I ended up getting by the end of the 12 week program was so much more than that.   
My skin cleared up, I lost weight and I was able to create really healthy habits that will serve me for the rest of my life. 
I used to hate cooking but now I’ve learned to make a few really simple and healthy meals on sunday nights so that I always have nutritious and tasty options available throughout the week. 
Michelle also helped me so much with my emotional eating. 
She really helped me see what feelings were beneath my food cravings and supported me in facing those emotions and finding healthier ways to handle them. 
While I was working with Michelle I was going through a difficult breakup and she was so supportive and encouraging.  Her energy is so warm and uplifting and I always felt better after a call with her. 
I highly recommend working with Michelle!  Not only is she super knowledgeable and fun but she can help you through the tough emotions that prevent you from reaching your health goals. 
Thank you Michelle for all of your help!! 
Alanna L.

HR Specialist, Toronto, ON

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