Some great feedback from past clients!

Testimonials from Clients

“I’ve generally always been an active person that maintains a strict fitness routine about 5-6 times a week, so my energy levels have always been moderately high.

However, I’ve recently started to focus on my eating habits to better control my diet intake.

Around this time, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Michelle’s three-day cleanse. I was excited to try this cleanse in order to reset my body and further explore ways to improve my diet.

Within the first day of the cleanse, I automatically felt lighter, but still had high energy levels – so much that I did an intense yoga class where I felt stronger and more flexible!

After the cleanse, I felt re-energized and found that I had lost some weight (a nice bonus!).

The main thing I learned from the cleanse was how to mindfully intake food – slowly chewing and swishing around smoothies/juices in the mouth rather than gulping them down as I used to. I also started incorporating some of my favorite smoothie/juicing recipes that I was introduced to during the cleanse into my daily eating routine. I think it’s a great idea to give the body a rest from solid foods every once in a while to reset it and detoxify it, so I will definitely be adding this cleanse routine to my life routine!

Thanks to Michelle for being so supportive and guiding me on this exploratory journey 🙂

Purnata S.

Healthcare Policy Researcher, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

How did you feel before working with Michelle?

“Mostly depressed, very lost and anxious about everything, especially social interactions.

I suffered from low self-esteem, body-dysmorphia, binge eating, occasional laxative abuse, constant bloating, low energy and strength, constant knee pain at the end of a day, and also I experienced insomnia because of the anxieties, just to name a few things.

These things obviously affected my everyday condition; my mood, character and especially my interest in studies and life.

I haven’t been looking after myself for a while, was addicted to coffee, restricting my food intake and sometimes smoking. I had been quite successful and healthy on a plant-based diet for more than one and a half years; it started in 2014, and during this time, I was the healthiest, carefree and energized I’ve even been. But due to my past of body dysmorphia and anorexia in my teenage years, I unconsciously slipped back to bad habits (coffee, cigarettes, calorie restriction, fat phobia), without understanding their consequences and still believing that my diet and lifestyle are really good and healthy, as most of my food is plant-based.

Obviously it wasn’t, as I wasn’t really taking a good care of myself and was mostly focused on restrictions, which led to bingeing afterwards. This lifestyle with some good days, but mostly with constant feeling of misery and despair, affected me physically and mentally and in half a year resulted into a serious injury.

I broke my wrist really badly while snowboarding in January 2017 and was told by doctors to expect an operation.

It was a big wake-up call for me and I realized the importance of my health. My priorities switched to finding a good plant-based nutritionist and follow their guidance, as self-education stopped working for me and I couldn’t understand what to do with myself and who to listen to anymore.”

How did working with Michelle help change your relationship with food and your life?

“Michelle’s program and support helped me realize that I am not the only one who had experienced this, it is reversible and it is not the fault of a plant-based diet, of course, but rather poor knowledge of how to follow it to get best results. I also realized that even a small change in my diet can make a huge difference in my health and overall feeling.

Michelle explained me how to start listening to my body and understand what is true hunger. Also I realized the importance of water and greens in my everyday life and how to successfully combine foods to eliminate bloating, heaviness and a phantom feeling of fullness.

I stopped smoking, got rid of coffee and other caffeine based drinks, which gave me phantom feeling of energy and I thought were suppressing my hunger; but in reality reflected in headaches, insomnia, depression, binging and addiction to these drinks.

I learned how to listen to my body and take a good care of it by hydration, good food and proper food combining.

I healed my wrist completely and had no operation, and started doing yoga even earlier the time that the doctors said I would be able to.

Most importantly, I finally understood how to thrive on plant-based diet, eat abundantly without feeling guilty and sluggish and have lots of energy.”

How do you feel now?

“I feel very strong and energized every day! My mood is stable, my social anxiety is almost gone. I still have some bad days, but now I know how to deal with them and not allow those feeling to affect my mood or sleep. I am not depressed and lethargic any more, and I gained back my desire to be active and explore again. I can’t say that all my insecurities and problems are now gone, I carry them from my childhood and it is a long process of overcoming them on which I now have energy to work. But I definitely can say that I feel more connected to my body and confident that now I am on the right track.”

Anastasia T.

OCAD Student + Illustrator

“I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know Michelle as she has had such a positive impact on my life. She has helped me understand the connection between mental and physical health by sharing her wealth of information and knowledge.

Michelle’s personalized strategies and tips have enabled me to reach a new level of physical health and fitness and helped me find clarity and peace in a stressful world. I have worked with many practitioners but I believe what makes Michelle the most effective is that she truly lives the lifestyle she promotes to others. With a strong scientific background, Michelle has a profound understanding of health and illness at a physiological level.

Her passion for healthy living, positive energy, and in-depth experiential knowledge makes her a leader and agent of change. I would recommend her in an instant to anyone who wants to make any health related changes in their life. Her positive and vibrant personality will make you feel comfortable discussing your concerns and support you in making sustainable change.”

Courtney B.

Nursing Student + Marathon Runner

I recently used Michelle’s holistic nutritional consulting services for the first time this year. Having known Michelle since high school, I was confident she would provide expertise in getting my health back on track. She was very thorough and detail oriented with the assessment and treatment plan that followed. She was always there to answer my questions I had about modifying the plan or supplements or even just random health inquiries.

I was very happy with the guidance I received and would recommend her services.

Aamna H.

Teacher + Massage Therapist

I have attended a ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’ seminar that was hosted by Michelle and I found it to be a very informative and helpful learning experience. Michelle taught about the different food combinations and how they can affect your digestion and metabolism. She also explained a lot about how good and bad foods can affect your appearance and well being, and we talked a lot about organics and the Dirty Dozen chemicals. I learned so much that I found myself taking notes so I could remember it all!

Since then, I’ve adopted a healthier skin care routine, and I like the results!

I love Michelle’s blog and although I’ve been lazy since I got pregnant, I have often referred to it when I am looking for ways to have good healthy food without compromising on flavour. Michelle has a wealth of information and it is always easy to get useful information and good advice from her. I hope more people can benefit from her knowledge!

Saadiaa K.

Social Worker

What a delightful, informative, fun and delicious afternoon. Thank you Michelle for putting together such a wonderful class. I’ve attended two classes with LALL Nutrition and have put all that I learned to good use already. We learned to make dark chocolate biscotti at her healthy desserts class and they are now a favourite with my coworkers. Michelle is incredibly knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to learn about health and wellness.

Sabina N.

Clinical Trials Coordinator

I have been to a few workshops given by L.A.L.L. Nutrition and each time, I’ve let with tips and strategies that I can use right away to eat and live healthier. The workshops have a hands on component in which you put all that you have learned that day into practice in Michelle’s very own kitchen and you realize how easy it can be to make changes to your own lifestyle. I would recommend these workshops to anyone wanting to make healthy changes, big or small, to their daily life!

Nazish N.

Teacher, Peel Board of Education

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